About Hubvisor

Founded in 2017, Hubvisor is a Publisher focused ad tech provider driving yield through fair auction dynamics and increased insight within the monetisation stack. Creator of an advanced header bidding wrapper and a cloud computing platform, Hubvisor technology supports digital Publishers of all types in optimizing their revenue strategies
Sylvain Travers


15 years experience in the advertising market. Previously VP Programmatic at Webedia, he built Webedia's Exchange private marketplace. Before, he instigated Audience Square (1st publisher coalition) as COO.

Jérémie Girault


Previously Lead Developer at Snips and Ad4Screen, he’s well known as an SDK specialist and has consulted for Zenly and Apple.

Steve Cutbill


13 years experience - Mediamath, Open X, Triplelift Helping brands and publishers maximise their ad tech integrations.

Julie Lorin

Lead Developer

Julie, our Lead developer and all round coding guru with 10 years experience. Instrumental in growing businesses like 24/7 Real Media, Audience Square and prior to joining Hubvisor, Sublime.

Kevin Lefèvre

Software Engineer

Kevin honed his development expertise building mobile apps for almost 6 years. He then moved onto Snips (acquired by Sonos in Nov 2019) where he designed and built privacy-focused voice recognition software.

Edwin Andrivet

Software Engineer

Edwin joined Hubvisor straight after University under the stewardship of Jeremie. Since then he has helped develop Hubvisor's wrapper product and reporting UI amongst many other projects.

Thomas Barach

Devops Engineer

Thomas makes sure our Publishers have access to crucial information to optimise and manage their stack via the dashboard. He's the beating heart of the UI, creating a robust reporting platform for our clients.

Dominique Haas

Software Engineer

Previously FullStack Developer at Toktokdoc (HealthCare) and Hubware. Building complex infrastructure but also web & mobile apps, he’s a Swiss-army Knife Software Engineer.

Valentin Pruvot

Marketing Designer

Student internship at Hubvisor, Valentin brings his skills in design, UX / UI and graphics.

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