About us

Hubvisor is an ad tech solutions provider. Owner of a programmatic orchestration system, Hubvisor technologically supports digital publishers of all types in optimising their monetisation of advertising space while guaranteeing them control and transparency. A leader in its field on the French market, the company is also a pioneer in SPO practices, opening up totally non intermediated routes between advertisers and publishers, encouraging an ethical and virtuous evolution of the ecosystem.

Our core values

With several decades of experience in the Ad Tech industry, we know how the space slowly evolves towards ethical, transparent partners. We wish to set a whole new standard, for us and our partners, in terms of ethics. For an Ad Tech company like Hubvisor, it means our only incentive is to help publishers and advertiser improve their business. Period.


The company has been founded by technicians. And to this day, the excitement to bring to life truly innovative, rule-breaking products is our main daily drive. We won’t ever settle for a sub-par product, and only want to deliver our clients with would use ourselves.


Ad Tech is moving fast. In order to be even faster than the market we operate in, we built an entrepreneurship-oriented, go-getter mindset in our company. To do so, we’ve hired the smartest talent we knew in Ad Tech and provided them the freedom to explore areas they weren’t allowed to up until now.


While we have strong ambitions, we also know how not to treat ourselves too seriously. As we often say in Ad Tech, we’re not « building rocket ships to Mars ». We want our team to have fun while they build the next generation of Ad Tech products, we want them to enjoy working with each other, and to be able to say, in a few years, « we had a great time back in those days ».

Expension and Releases

We're only getting started. While we've built a strong foundation of products, we still have many ideas that we wish to develop. In 2023, we will continue to expand our teams, our markets, and our features, to provide publishers and advertiser with the best ad tech we could craft.

So stay tuned!

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