Less is More : Our programmatic bypass

✔︎ Improve your campaign performances
✔︎ Benefit from an unrivaled transparency
✔︎ Get delivered strictly in safe and premium environments

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From Publisher to Buyers

While programmatic supply chain have become very messy and opaque, we decided to built a new edge pipeline to help Advertisers and Publishers get their direct relationship back. A unique innovation that drastically improve technical flows, cost efficiency and transparency by minimizing the use of intermediaries and servers.You can now enjoy your fully disintermediated programmatic path!

Available across formats and environments

Access all types of formats and environments in our disintermediated pipeline :
✔︎ Environment : Web / App
✔︎ Devices : Desktop / Tablet / Mobile
✔︎ Formats : IAB / Rich media / Instream / Outstream / Audio
✔︎ Buying types : Deal / Open

Benefit from our disintermediated approach
Cost efficiency
Improve your cost efficiency

Using our Direct Path, you don't get to pay technical and commercial intermediary fees anymore. Advertisers can now maximize their working media, maximize their chances to find their prospects and  improve their cost efficiency by up to 50% withtout any efforts.

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Brand Suitability
Protect your brand
with a safe and premium environment
A game changing transparency

Our direct connector between Publisher inventory and leading market DSP allow a better information flow, a more granular level of data and make it easier for Advertiser and Publishers to cross figures. You are now empowered to trace and reconcile all financial in the most easy way possible.All our products are built to ensure full transparency for both Advertisers and Publishers.

Sustainable by design

Third of digital advertising carbon emission can be attributed to the massive number of calls that are made from/between the different selling platforms (Resellers, SSP) to your booking system (DSP). Direct Path is based on a client side approach, meaning that it does not rely on the use of any servers to inform DSP of an ad opportunity : your browser can now directly inform your DSP of an ad opportunity, minimizing the energy consumption and related carbon emission.

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