Which media or influencer you should follow in the AdTech industry ?

lundi 22 avril 2024

AdTech is moving fast, right? There is plenty of reasons to stay aware of the latest developments and it’s indispensable for professionals aiming to maintain their edge in the industry. With constant innovations and shifts, being well-informed not only ensures competitiveness but also facilitates strategic decision-making and innovation.

Advantages of Keeping Up with Adtech News

Professionals in #Adtech must regularly engage with reputable sources like AdExchanger, Adweek, and TechCrunch for comprehensive industry insights. Diverse perspectives from these platforms empower individuals to make informed decisions and adapt to market shifts. By doing that you will be able to anticipate changes, optimize strategies, and seize emerging opportunities.

A deep understanding of industry dynamics fosters both personal and organizational growth, enhancing decision-making and fueling innovation. By accessing a spectrum of sources, you can navigate the evolving landscape with confidence and agility, ultimately driving success in their roles.

Engaging with Influencers

Why influencers ? Well, as there is plenty ways of staying up to date nowadays, influencers are the more relatable sources because they are the closest to what can be a discussion between you and them, as specialist they are sharing numbers of ressources directly from their daily experiences.

In addition to traditional news outlets, platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn serve as hubs for industry discussions and thought leadership. By following and interacting with key influencers, professionals can stay updated on the latest trends, exchange ideas, and build meaningful connections.

Without further due, here’s our Ad Tech influencers list to follow through social media:

Jason Kint

CEO of Digital content next.

Jason is the leading ad tech voice when it comes to antitrust lawsuits. His ability to sum up each new development within this matter makes him an essential person to follow so that you quickly get up to date with the latest news regarding legal aspects of breaking up monopolies within our industry.

Chris Kane

Founder of Jounce media.

Chris is arguably the most renowned voice when it comes to the ad tech supply chain inefficiencies, should it be around supply chain clutter or poor quality media transactions. A few of his interviews are must listens for anybody in the ad tech space, such as his appearance in Ari Paparo’s Marketecture Podcast. Additionally, Jounce Media provide very well made whitepapers on each basic aspect of ad tech called “The Little Black Book”, all available for free here: https://jouncemedia.com/little-black-book

Ari Paparo

CEO of Marketecture media.

Ari is often regarded as one of the pioneers and top influencers in the ad tech industry. His career includes a VP role at Doubleclick (sold to Google) in 2004, leading the product at AppNexus (now Xandr) and founding and leading Beeswax (sold to Freewheel in 2020). He now runs an ad tech focused media called Marketecture, where he interviews in video and audio all key players within our industry. Following him and Marketecture is an absolute must for anybody willing to get smarter, faster in our field.

Dr. Augustine Fou

Founder of Fou Analytics.

Augustine is a truly independent voice who is especially vocal when it comes to fraud, inefficiencies and fake traffic within the ad tech space. He mostly posts articles on Linkedin, debunking a lot of practices he judges wrong. While keeping critical thinking while reading him is essential, his analysis are often times eye opening (if not jaw dropping) but also refreshing in its tone as a lot of our industry talk is so corporate-friendly. He’s not.

Brian O’Kelley

Co-founder and CEO at Scope3

Brian is oftentimes considered as one of (if not THE) Godfather of ad tech. Not because he was there before anybody else, although he founded AppNexus (now Xandr) in 2007. But because he’s among the most trusted and vocal ad tech leader you can find out there. Brian is now focused on sustainability within the digital ad industry with his new company Scope3. He’s a top influencer to follow for the broad ad tech industry, but obviously also for sustainability where very, very few people are now more knowledgeable than Brian.

Terence Kawaja

CEO of Luma Partners

Terence is in the ad tech M&A business, so he’s a crucial person to follow if you want to get insights on the macro trends within the industry. He’s especially known for his Lumascape, detailing all companies and their role in the ecosystem within one chart. We love how Terence loves not to take himself too seriously, regularly posting funny videos including songs and dances through his Youtube channel.

Mathieu Roche

CEO of ID5

The only Frenchy in our list is obviously specialised in identification. Mathieu has founded ID5 back in 2017, when replacing 3rd party cookies with identification systems was a very nascent matter. Naturally, and as he’s very vocal through all channels, he’s a must follow to understand the technical, legal and macro aspects of identifiers and their role within our industry.

Paul Bannister

Chief Strategy Officer at Raptive

Paul is a frequent contributor, mostly to publisher-related topics through X (fka Twitter). As Raptive (fka Cafemedia) is a publisher oriented solution, he oftentimes leads the way and shares his insights on brand new ad tech products he’s trying out for his Publishers, such as The Trade Desk’s Open Path or sharing Raptive’s results using Google’s Privacy Sandbox.

Eric Seufert

Investor, Heracles Capital

Eric generally shares useful opinions and analysis on a wide range of Ad Tech topics. He frequently posts through his blog (link below). He’s oftentimes a discussion starter and you might want to dive in his Tweet’s replies to get a better sense of where the industry is headed towards a certain topic.


AdTechGod (™)

Well, we cannot publish a top Ad Tech influencer without talking about our deity. AdTechGod has risen as the top voice in our industry. It’s an anonymous account that is triggering a lot of interesting discussions, mainly through X (fka Twitter). We also strongly recommend to visit ATG’s website and enter the themed, dedicated Ad Tech Slack channels he’s created. Pretty much all the industry is on there.

— — —

Each member of this list is providing useful insight, news, studies, you name it, in the AdTech field Industry as we tried to give you diversified profiles to covers most of the main topics, to follow.

As we can name a lot of actors in our field, please share with us your favorite profile in the comment section !

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