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We are always looking for new talent, so please don’t hesitate to apply. Our recruiting is done via Welcome to the Jungle.

We accept internship programs, work-study students and professional study candidates too! Please send a CV and cover letter and we'll get back to you shortly!

We need you

Finance and Office Manager

Be ready to skyrocket our employee satisfaction and have a hands-on approach when it comes to solving issues. Your role will be to help our growing staff (10 and counting) and to manage our finance department.

Paris, France

Customer Service Consultant

This position is a vital link between our product and the people who use it. You’ll grow in a demanding environment, combining technical and consultative skills in order to empower our customers to get the best of our platform.

Paris, France

Customer Success Manager

This role is perfect for a data-driven person who likes the mix of building strong long-lasting relationships with customers and continuously challenging our ability to meet our customers requirements.

Paris, France

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