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Implement the best orchestration system.

MAESTRO is more than a top-notch header bidding wrapper.
It manages any format, on any environment for any kind of partner (SSPs, DSPs, networks...).‍
It sets a whole new standard for how to unleash the power of prebid.
Now available in a few simple integration steps to any publisher.

Get all your inventory monetized.

Our system can maximize profitability for all your current assest:
✔︎ Devices : Desktop / Tablet / Mobile
✔︎ Environments : Web / Applications / AMP
✔︎ Inventory types : Instream / Outstream / IAB / Rich Media / Audio

Access exclusive demand sources.

Enjoy some exclusive demand sources and get some "pure" bid responses coming straight out of the DSP with our totally disintermediated approach DIRECT PATH. Some greater ad valorization for your inventory while benefiting from an unprecedented level of transparency. Lots of agencies and advertisers already prioritize campaign delivery on this programmatic bypass.

Get unprecedented transparency and control.

Keep track on your business and web performance metrics with our outstanding dashboard. From macro to granular data, it has never been that easy to cross figures and build some intelligence from your Data. Compare your performances with you peers to evaluate your room for improvement and take actions.
Lense can also be used as a command control by letting you overriding parameters of your existing setup.

Rely on an experienced team.

Save your resources, our team take care of all time consuming tasks! We got you covered on all technical aspect, from initial deployment to maintenance and updates, but also regularly provide strategical recommandations. We can easily adapt our system and methodologies to match your restrictions.
A dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced profiles mobilized to assist you and share their expertise to make the most out of your asset leaving you more time to focus on creating high quality content and grow your business.

A Lightning fast support

Whenever you need, we’ll be happy to help solve any ad tech issue or question you raise. In order to provide the level of responsiveness you deserve, we are also creating some dedicated slack channels to improve the discussion flow.

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