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Providing Solutions to Industry Issues


No reliable way for advertisers and publishers to have a clear view on budgets flowing through the programmatic value chain


Transactions processed on the user device to gain insight into bids and auction dynamics in real time


Marketplace transactions are controlled by central platforms - Publishers lose control of their monetisation assets


We break down centralised 3rd parties giving Publishers a peak behind the transaction curtain


Monetisation partners have become increasingly creative in how they bid on Publisher inventory


Hubvisor is not a vendor, we guarantee a true, transparent auction. Fair for buyers and profitable for publishers

Our Mission

The issues that our industry face are widely publicised and not underestimated. Our mission at Hubvisor is to help publishers regain control of, on a placement by placement level, how their inventory is valued and sold. We want to totally rethink the way in which Header Bidding has been managed by creating unified, open and fair marketplaces for every Publisher we work with. We believe in transparency for all, optimal and fair yields and maximum performance for our Publishers


They Trust Us

How Publishers Can Use Hubvisor

Custom Header Bidding Wrapper

Create fair competition amongst buyers to find the maximum value for each impression and user

Reporting and Insight Dashboard

Real-time overview of your revenues, with as much granularity as you need

Managed Solution

Save your resources, our team take care of all time consuming set up and subsequent updates


Our team improve and optimize the performance of your site and maximize revenue

Ad Refresh

Generate incremental revenue without the need for new site users and increased page loads. Dynamic ad refresh solutions optimised to viewability

Ad Quality

Our technology reduces the likelihood of mobile redirects and bad ads

Perfect Competition

For any exchange bidder, the final bid value used will compete at it's intended gross CPM

All formats

All formats and media types can compete - create a truly unified marketplace

Dashboard and Insight Tools

Live logs of all bidding activity

Fully understand and report on your client side auction
Total transparency on bid values of each

Analytics Dashboard

Monitor and maintain revenue activity on all URL's
Super granular reporting on sell-side dimensions
- Creative ID's, devices, seats, exchanges, timeouts and placements...

Analytics dashboard

Understand the bidding activity of each exchange
Deep dive on buy-side metrics and performance Insight across the full monetisation stack

Interactive real-time dashboard

Monitor bidding activity in real-time
Gain insight via metrics usually concealed by bidders

Revenue and Performance Benefits

uplift minimum

Managed Service OptionFlexible business model with multi layered service approach

average page loading

Fair Pricing
Increased competition -
net CPM values normalised to gross

Easy Integration

Fast and easy to integrateAssisted and simple set up for Publishers

Demand Neutral

All Media and Formats
Display, Video, Native, Rich media

match rate

Increase ROI -
Client-side cookie pools
Access to 100% of Publisher Audience

win rate

Fair competition
Win % increase when competing with Google and OB

cpm fees

Reduced 'Tech Tax'No intermediary commission
(Network, SSP, Bidswitch)

brand safe

Brand safety
Access to all Formats and Media. Customized Contextual Targeting

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