Complex display formats you should explore.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

If you’re a Publisher and your ad business relies on standard Display banners, you might not be in an awesome growth position.

Your buyers are looking to maximize their attention, and one way they want to do this is by using other formats. In this video, I’ll go through a few non-intrusive templates you can use to help them out and grow your ad business beyond the usual static ad formats. I’ll cover 3 of them.


There’s essentially 3 types of videos you can use. In-stream, in-feed and then in-banner.

In-stream is the less tricky as it means you already have a video player that you use to render the content. And this player can also be used to render ad creatives. In this configuration, you still need to trigger as much demand as possible within your in-stream ad slots.

We usually see open auction revenue grow substantially within in-stream placement, like what we’ve seen with CMI France around +25% incremental revenue growth.

Now, in-feed and in-banner require a specific video player to render the ad creative. But if you have that, this can transform any placement you have in a video-ready placement, allowing buyers to get this extra reach that’s so hard to get by going in-stream only. Of course those placement don’t have in-stream CPMs, and that’s fair, but a video ad placement is way better than a display only ad placement.

At Hubvisor for example, we’ve developed our own video player so that any video format from any SSP perfectly works within our Publishers’ website. This video competition is delivering quite amazing results, oftentimes doubling programmatic’s net RPMs. So that is maybe my strongest recommendation in this Newsletter but we’re not done.

Rich Media and native

Some Publisher might have specific formats that they allow. And you should also make them available to programmatic buyers. Again, you need specific templates to do that and we have them all at Hubvisor, here is an example :

The magic here is that we automatically adapt your website’s layout based on the winning ad format. Again, that’s all about competition density without adding new placements that might ruin your ad experience.

Sticky Ad

Instead of have 2 ad formats with limited viewability, how about proposing 1 format with amazing performance. As a premium Publisher, that’s exactly what your buyers are expecting and we believe doing so can only be profitable for you. So yeah, win-win situation.

We’ve learned a lot about sticky template as we’ve develop them as well, and I can only highly recommend those. They make your advertisers stand out from the crowd and help them grow their brand awareness, which is way they’re paying you for. Those formats can be placed on any side of your website, including on mobile and our custom templates make sure they’re displayed correctly and won’t break your UI.


In conclusion, diversifying ad formats beyond traditional Display banners is crucial for Publishers seeking growth. Video ads, Rich Media, and native formats offer lucrative opportunities to maximize revenue without impacting the user experience. Embracing Sticky Ads consolidates performance and visibility, meeting advertisers' expectations while driving profitability. By adapting to evolving ad formats, Publishers can unlock new revenue streams and strengthen advertiser partnerships for sustainable growth.

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